Next to standard acrylic bathtubs, the whirlpool bathtub is the most popular among many modern homeowners. Their affordability, various design choices and versatility make them very appealing to homeowners, and even to certain business owners, come to think of it. The number of choices you have however, make shopping around for whirlpool bathtubs quite overwhelming particularly for first time buyers. This is the reason you should look into a number of shopping tips prior to choosing a bathtub to spend your money on. Take the time to go over all these tips so you can avoid buying the wrong bathtub for your home. To begin with, take exact measurements of the area where you plan to have the bathtub installed. This can help you determine the type of whirlpool bathtub to buy.

Afterwards, you need to decide whether you would buy water jet, air jet or a combination whirlpool bathtub. The type of bathtub type you go for will depend a lot on the type of massage action you prefer. If you're not familiar with the differences, water jetted bathtubs give a more forceful massage action than air jet tubs while combination whirlpool tubs provide both, albeit using a lot more energy. However, avoid using bath oils and bath salts when buying water jetted whirlpool tubs since these products clog the pumps and damage them. How the bathtubs will be installed in your home is another important consideration. For instance, if the tub is made of cast iron, the floor needs reinforcement to carry the weight, which will rack up the installation costs. But if you plan to replace an old bathtub, you can minimize expenses by choosing among standard size whirlpool tubs.

You also need to check your home's water heater tank. This helps ensure you will have enough hot water to fill the tub you consider purchasing. If you want to further save money, it is a good idea to buy a bathtub online. Websites such as that of Carver Tubs have a wide array of bathtub choices that can suit both your needs and budget. This is important so you can end up investing in the right bathtub without spending too much. However, make sure you will buy from online dealers that have been around a long time and are reliable when it comes to after sales support and product quality.

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