The styles in  oil rubbed bronze vessel sink faucets today are fabulous after a little study you will see why so many people are adding these beautiful  rubbed bronze fixtures to their homes.

Vessel Faucets ... what's the big deal?!

Independently mounted faucet or integral sink mount faucet:
When you are considering how to install a vessel sink it's a huge deal. It's not like going to the home store buy a generic faucet with the right spacing on the water service and bingo it's a no brainer! With vessel sinks you need to know whether your faucet will be mounted on the counter top independent of the sink or on the sink with an integral faucet mount. Or even on the wall...which is outside the scope of this article...that is a whole different ballgame.

vessel faucet and sink

Separately mounted faucet:
If you need to install a faucet that has an independent mounting location from the vessel sink you will need to know the height of the sink where you plan to have the faucet. Then you will have to go and shop for a style you like that will have clearance over the sink edge. Typically vessel sinks are 5"-7" tall.  Vessel faucets tend to be listed in two "overall" heights....which is not what you care is the height of the actual spigot where the water comes out. Many online vendors will give the overall dimension...but not the spigot height. In general faucets that are about 11" tall in overall height have a spigot at around 7" which is good for most vessel sinks with an independently mounted matter what shape.

Vessel mounted faucet :
This type of vessel is very nice for small counter tops because the faucet is mounted on top of the sink, therefore the sink can be pushed closer to the wall. For this type of installation you will want a shorter faucet that you would use on an independently mounted faucet. This is so because the faucet is now standing on top of the sink! Typically faucets that are about 7" tall have a spout at about 3". There is one thing that "they" don't usually tell you either....when you get one of the short vessel mount on top of a 5"-7" tall vessel...rather than on the counter top...the supplied water service hoses will be guessed it...5"-7" to short!

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The vendors for these faucets usually supply a 12" long water service hose and NO you can't buy a longer one at the home store because they are special at one end being unique to a single hole mounted vessel faucet. Not to worry take the hose to the home store and get a brass nipple connector to fit the wall side of the hose and then get a extension hose that fits the nipple and your water service shut off valve...presto problem solved!

Oh and one more thing...when you are considering how to install a vessel sink, you will need to choose the finish of the hardware, chrome,  oil rubbed bronze , brushed nickel. You may need to shop around to get the faucet and drain of your choice to match up. Chrome is the way to go for the bottle trap or standard p-trap however I have seen oil rubbed bronze bottle traps and standard p-trap drain pipes...but get ready for sticker shock!

Do your homework and ask lots of questions!

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Author: Karl Eberhardt

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