All experts agree that if you want to resell your home, you should feature your kitchen in good condition as kitchens are the heart of a house. As it is the area of the house that commonly endures wear and tear, it is a good choice to invest early on kitchen upgrading. Most in demand enhancements are spending for stainless steel appliances and granite/marble counter-tops to improve the aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, increasing its functionality with dual stoves and sinks, and putting in details like under-cabinet lighting and installing modern knobs, new faucets, etc.

1. Analysing what you already have. If it is somewhat current and in fairly good state, there is the option of leaving it as is. You can undertake certain small updates like repainting or re-polishing cabinets and installing new knobs to give the kitchen a fresh look. Bear in mind not to splurge and spend too much on your project, a safe cost estimate is not going over 10% of your home's resale value.

2. De-clutter your home kitchen. The general principle here is to never leave more than two items on a kitchen counter-top, but leave only the most useful items like a coffee pot. Then freshen the room with plants and flowers or a basket of delicious fruits.

3. Tidy up the kitchen. Since cooking areas are among the most utilized area in the house, it is also the dirtiest, so suit up and prepare yourself from some serious scrubbing. You may have to change out run-down floor tiles or do a complete makeover of your floors if necessary. Replace old cabinets with modern styles or do economical updates like re-painting, sealing and polishing shabby cabinets. Evaluate carefully for cracks and take care of it. When repainting, be mindful with your choice of color and consider what will entice most buyers. Also discover what is popular or in style in the area when opting for a new look for your closets.

4. Fix and upgrade faucets and light fixtures especially if they are worn out and/or way too old and old-fashioned. Renewing the look of these fixtures will put into a substantial resale price.

5. Select granite or marble counter-tops as almost all people prefer them and often expect them in most kitchens.

6. Build up some space. The kitchen is the busiest area and where the action is-- for most people at least. While big kitchens are status symbol, you don't really need to go big; a practical efficient workspace will work just well where the stove, sink and refrigerator are just a several steps away.

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