Establishing a nice and good relationship with your neighbours is quite necessary in a community. Thus, when thinking of developing some huge exterior renovations in your residence like putting up a fence, do not startle them or leave them ignorant about your project.

A good neighbor should be guided by the following guidelines to ensure no disagreements would happen.

1. Surveying of boundaries - You need to inspect thoroughly your property line by examining house location drawings or plat or by commissioning a survey again by land assessors to ascertain the boundaries of your land. To stay safe, fences are often placed one foot inward the property line.

2. Recognize limits - Gain relevant information on zoning laws or regulations in your locality such as fence height limits, setbacks and other definitive regulations. Bear in mind that these rules vary in each State or municipality. A corner lot has more restrictive rules as a barrier builds a blind curve that reduces driving visibility. Go over these restrictions prior to choosing your fence type so there is a only a small chance that your fence would be removed by the local authorities. If a fence permit is needed, obtain one.

3. Observe HOA rules - Some communities have homeowners' associations that lay down guidelines when building structures or renovations to properties. There are specific standards to meet to maintain safety and provide quality control. Some HOAs require uniformity in the community. Thus, they determine the height, style, color as well as the proper maintenance of fences. It is your obligation to learn about the dos and don'ts to steer clear of violations in fence building.

Polite Things to Do.

Advise your neighbours on your plans before building to prevent fencing disputes. Most people would be appreciative and open-minded to your plans if you speak about it ahead of time. Have a good pleasant discussion to clear up property issues if such exist.

As added courtesy, the finished side of the fence should be facing the street as well as at your neighbor's property. It is of course your job to care for and clean both side of your fence. Just because your neighbours are also benefiting from the fence doesn't mean they are responsible for its up keep and maintenance. Maintenance of your fence depends upon the fencing materials you choose.

Useful to Know.

The word "fence" means any thing that can create barriers like trees or hedges. If you think your reason for opting for a higher fence than the required height is valid, e.g., to block out unpleasant view and/or a raucous street, you can always appeal for a variance through your local zoning board. During variance hearing, your neighborhood can give their views on your demand.

If neighbors do vandalism on your fence, document this by taking pictures. If a good settlement can not be reached, then you have proof to take to local courts.

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