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Popular Types Of Shower Head

For many people showering is a brief but important daily routine that is beneficial for a variety of reasons. A shower in the morning can help people become ready for the day, and a hot shower in the evening can help you unwind and relax after a long day working.

As a result, the strength, style and spray functions of a shower head are factors you should consider when searching for a new model, and some time should be spent researching into which type of shower head would be most suitable for you and your home.

There is a large number of shower head manufactures and buyers may feel a little confused as to which style would suit them best. The best way to counteract this problem is by becoming familiar with the various styles sold today, and choosing a model that suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Popular Shower Heads

ShowerBefore you begin a search for a new shower head you first need to determine what type of head your current shower set up uses. Shower heads are available in one of two forms; fixed heads and handheld heads. A fixed head is connected directly to the pipework within the wall and these are commonly found in older houses and those without shower/bath combinations.

The handheld shower heads are attached to a shower hose, which in turn connect to the pipework within the wall. Handheld models utilise adjustable wall rails which can be changed to suit the height of the user. You are more likely to find handheld shower heads in newer homes and apartments.

Single Function

A single function shower head has, as the name implies, one single type of spray setting. This is the most basic style of shower head and is definitely the least expensive option.

Low Flow

Low flow shower heads are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, and the chief benefit of using a model is it can greatly reduce your water consumption which in turn keeps energy bills to a minimum. These devices work by adding air to the water, which reduces the amount of water used without affecting flow, pressure or spray strength.

Using a low flow shower head can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%, and if you're interested in buying such a shower head then I recommend purchasing from a water saving specialist such as Agua Flux.

Multi Function

ShowerMulti function shower heads offer the user a range of spray settings and strengths to choose from, and some models are capable of up to twelve different spray settings. Spray settings featured with multi function shower heads can include mist spray, pulsing sprays, massage, and narrow or wide drops.

Rain Heads

Rain shower heads produce large drops that mimic the sensation of being in the rain. These devices are generally quite large and as a result are more suited for use in wet rooms. However, there are a number of enclosed shower models available to buy, but you can expect these shower heads to be the most expensive on this list.

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Terance Nichols is a home improvement lover with a special interest in water conservation. Terance enjoys spending his free time sailing on the river Thames.

How Water Saving Products Can Save You Money

More and more homeowners are searching for ways to cut costs in bills and everyday living. People don't realise that one of the easiest ways to reduce your household costs is by implementing water saving devices into your bathroom. Reducing your water consumption reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and maintain temperature, which will obviously reduce energy bills.

There are a number of devices you can buy, and a range of companies who manufacture these products. The best way to determine which products are most suitable for you is by becoming familiar with the devices and what they do.

Water Saving Products

Water saving products are generally very inexpensive and will save you a lot of money over the years. These devices are also easy to instal, and tend to require very little maintenance. You can buy these products from a number of sources, but it's a good idea to buy from specialists.

For example, if you're interested in buying a low flow shower head, then look for a company like Agua Flux. This will guarantee that the device is of the highest quality and will provide the optimum shower experience while reducing your consumption rates.

Low Flow Shower Heads

Low Flow Shower HeadThese are easily the most popular type of water saving product sold today, and are available to buy in a multitude of styles offering users different spray settings and sizes. Before you begin looking for a low flow shower head, you need to first determine if your current set up utilises a fixed or handheld shower head.

This will influence what models are suitable for use in your home. Low flow shower heads work by adding air bubbles to the stream of water, which increases the water's mass while reducing the amount needed to clean.

Low flow shower heads do not affect pressure, strength or the level of spray, and using this device can reduce your water consumption by up to 50%. These devices are low priced, and can be bought with a number of different spray options.

Faucet Aerator

A faucet aerator is a small circular metal device containing a mesh wiring system, which works in a similar manner to the low flow shower heads. Faucet aerators also add air bubbles to the water flow, and using this type of water saving product can reduce your consumption by up to 60%.

These can be used in bath/shower combinations, and connect to the faucet and shower hose. If you are considering buying aerators then make sure they are made from brass and coated in chrome, as this will prevent corrosion.

Shower Head Restrictor

Shower Head RestrictorAs the name implies, this product is connected to the shower head and is especially effective when used in fixed shower heads. A shower head restrictor can reduce consumption rates by up to 60%, and these devices work by ensuring no excess water leaks from the shower head.

Additional pressure is exerted on the water flow, forcing less out at a more powerful level. As with the aerators you should look for restrictors made from brass and coated in chrome.

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