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Vessel Sinks — Great Design Feature For A Powder Room

An excellent way to spruce up the design of a custom home is with vessel sinks in the bathrooms. They are the very definition of modern bathroom design. Everyone seems to want one. They show up on all of the most popular home design shows, in model homes, and in fancy bathroom upgrades. They are generally priced higher than the traditional drop-in sink because of their popularity. However, this popularity means they are a desirable feature that can actually add value to your home. Here's all you need to know about vessel sinks and why you should add them to your house.

What are Vessel Sinks?

Vessel sinks are sinks that sit on top of the counter, rather than sinking into it. They are something you have to reach up to get to, not something you reach down to get in like a traditional sink. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles, but the basic premise of them sitting on top of the counter remains the same. Vessel sinks are only used in bathrooms, since their size and manner of use is not practical for kitchens. They may be made out of virtually any material, from ceramic to stone to metal. However, glass and ceramic vessel sinks are currently the two most popular design materials.

There are two ways to install vessel sinks. One is the traditional above-the-counter installation. The sink sits completely on top of the bathroom counter. It only requires a drain hole to be cut in the sink and counter, with no other cutting required. The other type of installation is less common but still intriguing. It is called the recessed installation. In this installation, the sink is dropped about half-way down into the bathroom counter through a hole that is too small to fit the whole sink. Part of the sink still sits above the counter, but it now has greater stability than a traditional completely-on-top installation.

The Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

As with most things, there are both pros and cons to getting vessel sinks for your bathrooms or powder rooms. The most obvious pro is vessel sinks are so attractive and popular. The value they'll add to your home will make them worth the cost. Other pros include ease of installation (just put them on top of the sink counter!) and gaining extra space on your bathroom countertop. You can also change these sinks fairly easily if you want a new look, because they're not sunk into a hole on your counter. With traditional sinks, changing the sink usually means changing the whole counter, too. Change is easy with vessel sinks.

The main cons of vessel sinks are that they're difficult to clean in the area where the sink meets the countertop and they don't have an overflow drain. This means you've got to be careful when filling the sink so you don't flood the bathroom. Their edges are also prone to cracking and chipping because they are exposed.

The good really outweighs the bad when it comes to vessel sinks. They look fantastic and will awe any visitor to your home. Drawbacks are easily overcome by being careful. They are also simple to change whenever you want a new look for your bathroom. Vessel sinks are here to stay for a while. Now is the time to get on the bandwagon and add one to your own bathroom design. It will give your bathroom that extra sparkle that makes it so very special.

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Jazzing Up Your Bathroom In Five Thrifty Ways

One of the hardest working areas in your home is none other than your bathroom. As the space that is exposed to water, foot traffic and beauty products, it sure receives a lot of beating on a daily basis. So it would not be a surprise if this room of yours already looks boring. However, you can bring the life back to your bathroom and make it more inviting. No, the solutions do not have to be pricey nor will require you to do wall-busting construction. Here are five ways to spiff up the appearance of your bath without breaking the bank.

Highlight the architecture


If your bath has mouldings, trims, or other architectural accents, consider highlighting them with paint. Pick a tone that complements the existing colour scheme of your bathroom and brush it onto these accents. A lively paint job will help direct the eye towards these architectural pieces, making them the focal points of your bathroom.

Add some window treatments


Another cheap and excellent way to get a rich look for your bath is to use dramatic window treatments. Pick drapes or shades that have statement prints to add a playful touch to your space. Or, if you want more natural light inside while still creating privacy as you soak in the tub, use sheer curtains.

Repurpose vintage furniture into a high-style vanity


Have an existing piece of furniture (i.e. chest drawer, cabinet or desk) that you cannot figure out what to do? Do not even think of discarding it. Rather, flip it into a high-style vanity. Using a jigsaw, make a cut-out in the top of the furniture to accommodate a drop-in sink and faucet. Give the piece a new lick of paint, change the hardware, and add some appliques on the drawer or cabinet doors and you are on your way to having a beautiful piece of vanity that is a fraction of the cost of new ones available in the market.

Spruce up the storage


Repainting your bathroom’s cabinetry can do a whole lot in improving its appearance. Not only will the paint help perk up the appearance of your storage solutions, it will also give them a layer of protection against moisture damage. Just make sure to go for mould- or mildew-proof primer and paint for that long-lasting protection you desire. While at it, change your cabinets’ old hardware to get instant visual impact at an affordable cost.

Keep necessities in order


For your decorating efforts not to go in vain, do not forget to keep all your bathroom essentials organized. Keep rolled towels and other toiletries in baskets so they can double as display pieces when not in use. It is also a good idea to equip cabinet interiors with pull-out shelves so that you can keep other necessities in order and away from the floor. The pull-out shelves will also make it easier for you and the rest of the family to get items when needed, since you do not have to dig around in the dark. For items on your bathroom countertop, consider placing them in jars and keep the jars organized in a tray.

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Three Ways to Jazz Up a Naked Bathroom With Accent Tiles

Gone are the days when the bathroom functions as a utilitarian space, hidden within the inner recesses of the home. Today, more than just a place where you do daily washing and perform your beauty regimen, your bathroom also doubles as an escape where you retire after a hard day's work to rest, relax and pamper yourself. Next to the living room and the kitchen, your bathroom is also a public space where guests usually pay a visit when they drop by your home. Hence, it is particularly important to make it look inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

If your bathroom is starting to look drab, it's about time that you spiff it up. You do not have to spend a fortune and opt for a full scale renovation to give it an entirely new appearance. By simply using accent tiles, you can give your bathroom a new lease on life.

Accent tiles make for an excellent addition to your bathroom not only as flooring solution but also as decorative pieces. Aside from being inexpensive, they also come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose a style that complements your taste. They also help in diffusing the light inside, making the entire space brighter. Here are some ideas on how you can use accent tiles inside your bath.

Focal wall

One of the best ways to dress up your bathroom with accent tiles is to create a focal wall. You can purchase mural tiles, penny tiles or subway tiles and incorporate them on one of your bathroom's bare walls to add visual art or a pop of colour within the space.

If you are not too keen about the idea of covering an entire wall with accent tiles, you can simply use them in conjunction with wallpaper or paint. Use the wallpaper or paint on the upper half of the wall and the accent tiles on the bottom half for added charm. Or you can use several pieces of colourful tiles and line them at a chair rail height all the way around your bathroom walls. This will add enough colour and variation inside the space to make it look interesting without necessarily overwhelming the room.

Frame the vanity and commode

The walls behind your bathroom's vanity and commode are great decorative surfaces where you can show off your creativity. So pay some attention to these spaces and use them to spiff up the look of your entire bathroom. You can use vibrantcoloured accent tiles to highlight a frameless vanity mirror, or you may throw in a few patterned tiles in the mix to add more interest. As for the commode, opt for neutral accent tiles and consider adding borders to make the installation stand out.

Niche Lining

If your bathroom has a niche space (awkward corner wall, narrow strip of wall between windows, etc.) you can add dimension to this tight spot by tiling it. Pick accent tiles that are light in hue to reflect more light to the space and at the same time create a small design feature with a huge impact.

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A New Homeowner’s Guide to Selecting a Showerhead

When you’re in the shower, what is the most important thing to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience? Most people will answer water pressure. Your showerhead is what controls the water pressure and flow, and if you’re looking for a change, you have a lot of different options. Here’s what you need to know about buying a new showerhead.



There are three different types of showerheads, and they vary based on how they deliver water to you. Your showering preferences – and your budget – may determine which type of showerhead you go with.

Here are your three main options:


Single-setting showerheads are what they sound like: there is only one way that the water is dispensed. You cannot adjust the water flow on a single-setting model, so it’s important that you pick a model with a water flow and pressure that’s comfortable for you. Single-setting models are much more inexpensive than the other two types.


Multi-setting showerheads are also what they sound like: there are many different ways that the water can be dispensed to you. Multi-setting showerheads vary in the number of settings, but some have as many as 12 different settings. You might choose from a mist, a trickle, a flow hard enough to massage you, wide sprays, narrow sprays, pulsating flow, and more. A multi-setting showerhead is great for a shower that’s shared by many people with different preferences. Even for a single person, different settings can be better for different times, and low settings will conserve more water. They’re more expensive than single-setting models.


Shower Towers are strips that actually have multiple showerheads (usually three). They are supposed to be very luxurious and spa-like, and this indulgence will cost you a lot more money. It also uses significantly more water – up to three times as much as other models. They are complicated to install, and you’ll likely need to hire a professional.


Water Conservation

Every time you take a shower, you use up quite a few gallons of water. Federal regulations limit showerheads to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Most standard settings use this amount. There are other showerheads, however, that use as little as 2 gallons of water per minute. These showerheads are marked with a WaterSense label. If you’re particularly concerned about saving water, look for a showerhead with a WaterSense seal. Not only will this lower your water consumption, it also means you’ll use less electricity because your hot water heater will have less water to heat.



While showerheads are pretty straight-forward, there are a few extra features you can get to enhance your showering experience. Aerating showerheads are supposed to make the water flow feel more comfortable and powerful by mixing in air. Handheld showerheads allow you to remove the showerhead whenever you want to so you’re able to control exactly where the water hits. Rain showerheads are large and wide, and they reduce water pressure to a soft and soothing level. Showerheads come in a very wide variety of styles and designs to match any bathroom’s motif.

Janice Smith is an environmental home design consultant. She writes in partnership with Community Home Supply. Click here to learn more.

Why Using a Glass Mosaic Mirror Is Great For Your Bathroom?

Decorating a bathroom is always perplexing. It is a tiny place but used a lot. A lot of things have to be stored in the room for various purposes but it can not be jam-packed. In the room things should be hygienic but handsome. The room is always humid so things that are not water-resistant can not be used. These make a bathroom one of the hardest areas to decorate.

Homeowners are always in tense while thinking of decorating their bathroom because a lot of usual interior design tricks are not works for bathroom. They have to choose things that are beautiful, practical and hygienic. Funky glass mosaic mirrors are a great option to use in a bathroom to bring a pop of color to the wall and transform the look of the space.

Here are the reasons that make a glass mosaic mirror a great thing to hang in your bathroom wall.

Because of various color and style of the mirror it is so flexible that it can make compliment and enhance an existing décor. Whatever the color is, blue, pink or white, or whatever the trend is, traditional or modern, you can be able to find a mirror that will fit your space perfectly.

In your bathroom, things may not support and compliment each other. But with its multiple colors and shapes, glass mosaic mirrors can unity these desperate elements. As for example, you may have pile of towels and none of them go with each other. These mismatched towels are a great pain for you. But with a mosaic mirror you can easily bring them together to seem like a conscious and cool design choice.

Glass mosaic mirrors are comparatively cheap, yet they can make your room look expensive by giving your space the look and feel of a high-end luxury spa, or an exclusive boutique hotel.

You can not decorate your bathroom with ornamental pieces like your drawing-room; you have to use things that are practical. Glass mosaic mirror gives your bathroom a bright look and at the same time you can use it for your usual activities such as checking your reflection, applying make-up, doing your hair, shaving or other activities. As an attractive alternative of dull medicine cabinets or flat sheets of glass, you can use one.

Cleaning a glass mosaic mirror is effortless and very easy. You can clean it as easily as the floor and wall of your bathroom because the border around the mirror is made from tiles. Simply spray detergent on the border of the mirror and wipe it down with a cloth.

In a bathroom you have to use pieces that are watertight. The space is always humid and so you can not hang pictures in the bathroom because they will soon look nasty and you have to replace them regularly which will be costly. Glass mosaic mirror is free from such narrow end. It is watertight and will continue to look as bright and new as the day you bought them.

These aesthetic and practical advantages make glass mosaic mirror a great piece for the discerning consumer who is interested in giving their bathroom a brand-new look without breaking the bank.

Mosaic mirrors offer homeowners an opportunity to put a little personality into their bedroom. Why not install custom-made decorative mirrors in your home to let even the bedroom reflect your true personality. Check out today for more information.

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