Discover one of the latest finishes for your kitchen and bath faucets, known as oil rubbed. Absolutely stunning!

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling and updating an existing home. Style is one of the big concerns you will face when choosing the best faucets, mainly for the  bath and  kitchen . There have been many trends and color choices in the past, some which are lasting while some are short lived. One of the newer styles and finishes has been the oil rubbed bronze faucets.

These oil rubbed faucets come in a large variety of styles from basic to very elegant and elaborate. The choice you make will depend on the mood and theme you wish to convey through out the room and home. Before selecting the faucets it is best to start with an overall theme and start choosing wall colors and flooring. With these in place you can then pick the  best oil rubbed bronze faucets to suit your room. In the bathroom there are plenty of fixtures to use, from traditional faucets to elegant.

oil rubbed bronze faucets

The finish of the oil rubbed bronze faucet is created using powder coating, where the 'paint' is applied in the form of a powder then heat cured to create a durable long lasting finish. The resulting finish is textured given the piece depth. With the different thicknesses of the coating you see sparkles of the base bronze shine through in spots. This is a very elegant and sophisticated look. There will be no doubt by your friends that you have 'taste' when it comes to decorating.

The oil rubbed bronze fixtures harken back to the Gregorian era, the look of romance and beauty. One can hardly blame you for installing a set of  oil rubbed bronze faucets, the look is very soothing and fits well with a number of color choices. The dark color of chocolate comes to mind when viewing the beauty of the oil rubbed pieces. In the bathroom there are many  accessories that compliment the faucets from towel bars and rings, shower curtain rods, toilet paper holder, toilet flush lever, cup holders, shower taps and  drain covers .

Tub sets come as wide spread or regular, single or two lever and even  waterfall tub faucets which is absolutely stunning.  Delta faucets have the “Victorian Collection” where many are of the beautiful and ornate Victorian era style. The other major manufacturers all have a vast selection of oil rubbed bronze faucets from which to pick. The possibilities are nearly endless and most beautiful.

Back in the kitchen the selection continues to grow and covers a wide array of styles as well. Most any style of  kitchen faucet and accessory can be found in the oil rubbed bronze finish. Such as  bar sink setssoap dispensers, you have the choice of single or two handled with or without sprayers and others not mentioned here. The use of oil rubbed bronze doesn't appear to be a short term trend but rather a longer term revival of old world charm with modern convenience. The fixtures may look old but the materials used are current and designed to last years. You have no worries when choosing to use the oil rubbed faucet, the biggest problem will be choosing from the great vast selection available to buy these days.

Besides  Delta, other brands include  Moen, Danze,  Price PfisterKohler the choice of brands is amazing, most of the popular manufacturers have developed lines of oil rubbed bronze fixtures and accessories. So don't wait check the many styles and configurations to pick from. We are sure you will find the best  oil rubbed bronze faucets and  accessories for your home. Have fun selecting, but most importantly enjoy the beauty of your new bathroom or kitchen.

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